Why we exist

Great companies are built on the backs of great people. It’s not rocket science: if you want a great company, then you need to engage, appreciate and reward your team. It is now more difficult than ever for employers to motivate, maximize and retain top talent.

Carrots Technology was built to solve the alarming statistics of employees that are not engaged, do not feel appreciated and are simply not productive at work.

Our story


“There has never been a stronger need for gamification, employee engagement, recognition, and rewards in the workforce.”
– Judge & Nick

Our founders, Judge Graham and Nick Sunderman have competitiveness and the desire to win built in their DNA. Both are former athletes and successful entrepreneurs that have built and sold large businesses, which combined have generated over $1 Billion+ in organic sales. They both attribute their success to creating high-performing teams that had visibility, encouragement and were rewarded in the success of the companies.

What makes Carrots Technology so unique is the fact that every company gets custom-built contests + incentives. This creates competitiveness, motivation and inspiration for teams that ultimately gets them to perform better and generate more revenue.

We understand the importance of culture, simplicity, ease of use, daily engagement, creating urgency, speed and that results are the only thing that matters; it’s what makes us different.

It’s our business to grow yours.

Our purpose and guiding beliefs


To create the most advanced and easy to use business output platform that improves the lives of employees and drives optimal business outcomes for the companies they serve.


To become the most widely used business output platform in the world measured by driving incrementality and decreasing employee turnover.


We’re not building software that you use to drive engagement from.  We’re building an enterprise output platform that is critical to the growth of your business and the happiness of your employees.

Core values

The below core values are more than just words. They are how we think about solving problems, how we service our customers, how we treat each other and how behave daily.





Build together, win together

At Carrots Technology, we’re reimagining the way work gets done. From what you have visibility to, how you compete, to how you are incentivized and motivated. The work we do is shaping the future of work gamification, recognition and rewards.

Great people wanted

We are always hiring for the following roles:

Data Scientists, Software Developers, UX Designers,
Account Service, Sales.

Click the link below to apply, we look forward to hearing from you.

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In the news

Carrots Technology is bleeding edge
gamification plus incentives.

“Digital transformation is forcing companies to reinvent how they perform their accounting, marketing, operations, project management, communications, customer service and most importantly sales. Carrot’s is a prime example of a technology company that is shaping the future of sales performance.”